Embark on an enticing journey through Venice’s cocktail culture with two distinct tours that

showcase the city’s rich history and contemporary flair.

For those seeking a more avant-garde experience, the “Venetian Mixology” tour offers a contemporary twist.

Venture into chic cocktail lounges and innovative hotel bars where skilled mixologists blend tradition with innovation.

Sample artisanal cocktails crafted from locally sourced ingredients, highlighting Venice’s vibrant modern mixology scene.

Learn the art of cocktail creation firsthand as experts share their techniques and insights, offering a glimpse into Venice’s evolving cocktail culture.

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The “Venetian Classics” tour transports you to elegant Venetian bars nestled along picturesque canals and hidden alleyways.

Savor iconic cocktails like the Bellini and Spritz, perfected over centuries in this timeless and beautiful city.

As you sip, your guide describes the origins of these classic concoctions, intertwined with Venetian lore and the city’s maritime heritage.

Indulge in cicchetti and other snacks paired expertly with each drink, creating a symphony of flavors that echo Venice’s culinary traditions.

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